Types of Lawn Edgers and Their Characteristics

One of the tools that is important for a gardener to be conversant with is the lawn edger.  It is important to have it because it helps to ensure that the crusty edges in your garden look nice.it is also used to make sure that your garden  area is demarcated clearly and hence make it to be very attractive to the eyes. The bay will be ensured through the edger that it takes time to over grow. The two many types of lawn edger that you can consider are the gas powered lawn edger and the electric powered lawn edger.

The electric lawn edger normally operates in two models. The first one is the one that has a battery which powers it. The second one is AC powered and hence it requires a cord which connects it to a power source either a generator or electricity. The gas powered lawn edger also operates in two models. Here the first one operates with unleaded gasoline that run four circle engine. The other model has a two cycle engine which also operates by use of oil mixed with gas.

These electric powered edgers are normally less power full than the gas powered and are hence used for commercial. Due to their high power the gas powered lawn edgers cannot be used for the commercial work since they require much energy than the electric ones.one of the main advantages of the gas lawn edger is that its blades can be adjusted and also you can use different types of those blades with it.

For those whose lawns are small the best option is the one that uses a battery while the ac powered edger is very good to trim a lawn that is very big. This is because the battery may not store power to be used for a long period. The AC one will just require a reliable source of power. The gas edgers are good for home use and hence used for small areas, click here to know more!

The AC powered edger can be considered the best option because you also don't need to clean it from time to tome unlike the gas powered which have to be cleaned from time to time and also get serviced. The Ac powered edger only requires the blade to be serviced after a month. But also gas edger can be a good choice for a large lawn. Learn more at http://www.ehow.com/how_2058619_install-lawn-sprinkler-system.html .